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I have been suffering with what they labeled atopic dermatitis for about 5 years now.  It only seems to manifest itself on my palms, however there have been a few bad breakouts where it is has spread to the bottoms of my feet.  I also have hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating of hands/feet) which only worsens the condition.  The dermatologist and all the testing and creams, the specialists and the steroids; I’m tired of NOTHING working.  The skin cracks, bleeds, little itchy bumps form; it got to the point where I had to wear rubber gloves when I took a shower.   I kept saying I felt as though it was coming from within, that this wasn’t topical by any means.  3 weeks and 3 days ago I was introduced to Chaga Tea.  When I was told it supplies the deficiencies in your body and replenishes nutrients and vitamins, I knew it could not hurt to try.  I drink 8 oz. of Chaga Tea every morning and all I can say is my hands are clear!  I don’t have itching or cracking AND I feel more energetic and crave water (which I never have before).  The one and only thing I have done different in my routine is drink Chaga Tea.

I’d say the proof is in the Chaga!

Mia G.

Look at my pretty girl thanks to Chaga!

Sasha is 11 and would always come upstairs with us to go to bed.For the last year, she couldn’t make it upstairs and didn’t have much drive. It made us so sad to see how hard of a time she was having no vitamins/ hip treat would help her. She looked a lot heavier and unhealthy with her body getting older. This summer, we got to the market a lot and saw they make Chaga for dogs 🐕 too.  I was skeptical at first, but gave it to Sasha and WOW what a difference! She started to go upstairs again, sometimes go up before us; running around playing again; looks so much healthier and skinnier and is so much happier. It’s like she got her life back and we couldn’t be more happier that Chaga has given her a better older life to live. We thank you guys from the bottom of our hearts for giving our lab a longer life 🥰❤️🖤🤍. Chaga water is  a MUST try for your canine u wont be disappointed I promise.

Julia W.


Sasha – Better with Chaga

I bought the Chai Chaga tea on Saturday from the Collingswood Farmer’s Market. Delicious!! A nice little pick me up at work!!

Ginny S

Chai Chaga

Chai Chaga – Delicious!

I was a skeptic regarding this product, but was surprisingly convinced. Reduced “brain fog”, increased attention span and improved overall feeling of well being.  All this happened quickly for me. I highly recommend Chaga For Life!

Marcia W.

We had one this weekend and it was fantastic! I’ve tried mushroom tinctures which have a strong, not so great, taste so I was concerned but your tea is absolutely delicious!!! Nothing like the tincture but with all the benefits. I’m seriously hooked.

Angela V

Thoroughly enjoying my Chaga tea!! Right now I’m drinking Hibiscus Chaga and it’s so good!! Check out the health benefits of Chaga

Jen J.

IT ISSSSSS LIFE!!! One of my favorite teas I’ve ever tasted. Sooooooo delicious! I need more of this in my life! YUM!!!

Steff E.

OMG looooove your Chaga teas!! I can’t pick which is my fave, they’re all amazing and Soo super good for your body and all it’s cells 💖

Emily L

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